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52nd  Annual Festival

We are very much looking forward to running this event ‘live’ this year and would greatly appreciate your support. The date is Saturday 27 April 2024 and there is no entry fee!!

The SCHEDULE and ENTRY FORM are now available. Please email your Entry Form to by the 22 April for Performance Classes and 6 April for Own Composition Class. I

MORNING SESSION – Classes 1-3 commences 9am

AFTERNOON SESSION – Class 4 onwards commences 1.30pm

Own Composition this year is to be a Slow Air. The winning Slow Air may played at future Rallies and Concerts and we would be delighted to receive lots of entries into this class.

As our evening event (Society Orchestral Competition and Concert) was so successful last year there has been a request to repeat this event this year and we would be delighted to see you there.   Tickets will be available from members of the Elgin Strathspey & Reel Society and at Cathedral Windows, Elgin.

If you have any queries regarding the Festival, any of the classes or require further information on any points please do not hesitate to contact me  Tel (01343 549989) or Mob 07825686929

We look forward to hearing from you and most certainly to seeing everyone again in Elgin.


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